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Hi guys! Welcome to my magical corner of the internet! I am a passionate photographer, artist, and author dedicated to creating works of art that tell compelling stories through photography. My journey began at the age of fifteen when I got my first camera, and since 2017, I have pursued my passion full-time. Beyond photography, I find joy in the simple pleasures of life: savoring coffee, spending time with my dogs, and enjoying moments with my husband. When not behind the lens, I immerse myself in the world of fantasy literature and indulge in writing. Additionally, I find balance and discipline through practicing jiu-jitsu, which enriches both my personal and creative life. Through my artistry, I aim to capture moments that evoke emotions and narratives, weaving together visual storytelling that resonates with viewers. I invite you to explore my portfolio and experience the stories I have to share through my lens.

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Find joy in a diverse array of activities. You cherish the quiet escape of reading, treasure moments spent with family, and thrive in the serenity of nature. Martial arts offer both discipline and physical expression, while video games and anime ignite your imagination and provide moments of escapism. Thrifting excites you with its treasure hunts and unique finds, and engaging in service work fulfills your desire to make a positive impact. Together, these interests create a vibrant tapestry that shapes your life and enriches your experiences.

You love animals and want to include them in ether your session or your wedding day! I have two fur babies (Thumper and Aries) who are my whole world and if you love dogs and animals we are gonna get along great! 

Value photography as a medium to authentically capture and celebrate your unique story. You seek photos that go beyond conventional expectations, aiming instead to reflect your true essence and individuality. Whether it's in the subtle details or bold expressions, you believe in crafting images that resonate deeply with your personal narrative, rather than conforming to external standards. Together, we'll create photographs that authentically portray your journey, encapsulating moments that are distinctly yours and telling a story that speaks volumes about who you are.


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