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I am Maggie Martinescu! The artist here to help bring your fairytales to life! I am 27, married to the love of my life with our two fur babies Thumper and Aries. I am obsessed with all things fairytales, reading, dogs, thrift shopping and tea! My favorite fairytale is Beauty and the Beast no matter what version I am reading it will always be my favorite! I cant wait to get to know you more and help bring your dreams to life!

Believer, Wife, Dog mom, Autistic, reading obsessed woman wanting to help other women bring their fairytales to life!

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Love fairytales and bringing your dreams of being a fantasy character to life. Fairytales hold such a special place in my heart and some of my favorite memories from my childhood involve those beautiful stories! I believe that every woman no matter how old or young should have the opportunity to bring their fairytale dreams to life! So if that is you, I'm the photographer for you! 

You love animals and want to include them in ether your session or your wedding day! I have two fur babies (Thumper and Aries) who are my whole world and if you love dogs and animals we are gonna get along great! 

Love reading! Reading has been my favorite thing to do since my childhood! Wrapping up in a warm blanket and reading a story with dragons, knights and princesses how much better could a day get? So if you love reading as much as I do we are going to have such a fun time together! Tell me all about your favorite books and stories I'm always looking to add more to my TBR!


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